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Birthday Roadtrip!!

September 30, 2010

Since Danny, Duck and me all celebrate our birthdays in August we try and get away for at least a weekend to celebrate. This year we decided to do a road trip and save a little money since we wouldn’t need plane tickets. So continuing our goal of drinking a beer in every state we decided to check Ohio off the list.

First stop on this roadtrip Sonic!! Danny had never been and I just love the cherry limeade so we had to stop.

After we  booked our hotel in Cleveland we checked the internet to see what was there. And the number 2 attraction on tripadvisor was The Christmas Story House!! We were so excited except after we realized that was about all there was to do in Cleveland.

The best part about this museum was that you could touch everything and they let you wander through the house for as long as you like.

The house was restored back to the original movie set. You could act out any scene you wanted. And they encouraged us to crawl under the sink just like Randy did.

Who would have thought there were beaches in Cleveland? And nice beaches too.

We checked out all the local bars. The nightlife is Cleveland is lots of fun and everything is in walking distance in this little city. And here’s some shots from around the city.

After 3 nights in Cleveland I think we had seen most of the city so we started on our way up to Canada.

I’ll post those photos soon.