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A beer in Rhode Island

August 25, 2010

To continue with our goal of having a beer in every state on our last road trip we made a quick stop at a beach bar in Rhode Island. We tried Longboard Lager and it was pretty good.


Duck finally lands in Bermuda

May 5, 2010

After a long fight at the airport and many nights spent fighting with customer service, Duck got his plane and hotel switched to the following weekend.

Once he finally landed in Bermuda he rented a scooter

drove to the Beach

And the Crystal Caves.

After along day of Scooter riding he took at nap

Then headed to Hamilton for a drink.

The next day he relaxed on the beach.

And went for a swim.

That evening he sent some postcards home and enjoyed a glass of wine.

On his last day he did some snorkeling

and took a boat ride.

McDuck Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day

April 19, 2010

Duck had a few Guinness in an Irish Pub in Barcelona for St. Patrick’s Day.

The rest of his adventures in Barcelona will be in the next post.

Duck discovers Beer in Portland, Maine

April 9, 2010

Duck’s first trip and birth place was Portland, Maine.

He loved the Harbor and all the boats.

Made his first visit to an Irish bar.

And stopped in Kennebunkport on his way home.