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Hawaiian Honeymoon Part 2 – Maui

July 11, 2012

After a week in Oahu we went to Maui. We started off our next week diving with the turtles. They were awesome!

That’s me hanging out with a turtle, he was napping. 

Sunset from our balcony on Makena Beach.

Next we did the Road to Hana. Duck’s new surfer friend joined us for the ride.

The next few days we spend up further north by Kaanapali

More amazing sunsets!

More surfing.

And the last sunset.

And this is from the drive back to the airport. We took the very wiggle and scenic route around the top of the island.


A few more stops on the cruise ship

May 10, 2012

Next stop was in Antigua where duck enjoyed the view from our balcony.

And we went snorkeling with the sting rays.

Our final stop was in Bermuda and since we recently explored Bermuda on a scooter we decided to just hang out at the beach for awhile, after making sure to get our passports stamped :)

And the sunset from the balcony as we sailed home from Bermuda.


The road to Duck Key – Part 2

January 27, 2011

After Duck Key we spend a few nights in Islamorada…






and just relaxing.

Oh and Duck made a friend.

Snorkeling and Off-Roading in Aruba

July 5, 2010

We had alittle over 24 hours in Aruba. Our plan was to relax and enjoy the beach with the world’s softest sand.

As you have probably figured out by now we don’t sit still very well so after an hour we decided to snorkel out to a small reef in front of our hotel.

Seeing this starfish made the very, very long swim worth it.

After snorkeling we got some pina coladas and watched the sunset.

We found a band playing at the pier a few hotels down so we had dinner, drinks and actually did relax for a bit.

The next morning we got up early to take a jeep tour.

We went to the National Park.

And then went off roading.

Stopped at a Natural Pool to snorkel.

Then the Donkey Sanctuary.

And last stop was the Natural Bridge. (That’s Danny jumping up on top)

Aruba was nice but I’m glad we spent most of our trip in Curaçao. Next we need to check out Bonaire to see which of the ABC Islands we like the best.