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Blizzard in October

August 16, 2012


We had booked a hot air balloon ride in Connecticut but it got cancelled again… This time for a blizzard very early in the season. So after the snow finally stopped we stopped  at a winery to turn in our passports on the way home.


And we won one of the passport prizes. Two bottles of wine and free tastings! So we need to plan a another weekend to go pick them up.



Hawaiian Honeymoon Part 2 – Maui

July 11, 2012

After a week in Oahu we went to Maui. We started off our next week diving with the turtles. They were awesome!

That’s me hanging out with a turtle, he was napping. 

Sunset from our balcony on Makena Beach.

Next we did the Road to Hana. Duck’s new surfer friend joined us for the ride.

The next few days we spend up further north by Kaanapali

More amazing sunsets!

More surfing.

And the last sunset.

And this is from the drive back to the airport. We took the very wiggle and scenic route around the top of the island.

Hawaiian Honeymoon Part 1 – Oahu

July 5, 2012

We went to two Hawaiian Islands for our Honeymoon. First stop was Oahu. We spend most of our time on the North Shore, far away from the crazy and crowed Waikiki Beach.

The sunsets in Hawaii are nothing like I have seen any where else. There are colors that you never see in the sky anywhere else I have been. This was our first night at Turtle Bay.

And with the ridiculous time change I also got to see this first sunrise. But that only lasted one morning.

Turtles relaxing on the beach in Haleiwa

Waterfall in Waimea Valley

Fresh Coconut from the road side stand

Duck and his new Tiki friend

Polynesian Dancers

Surfing in Haleiwa

A stop on the way back to the airport

Another stop along the road

Molokai from the airplane after a quick layover on this very quiet island.

Sunset from the airplane before landing in Maui.

Duck attends a wedding

May 21, 2012

In September Duck went to his first wedding.

Up next is a Hawaiian Honeymoon.

Wine in a Hurricane

May 16, 2012

Our next weekend was cut short by the arrival of Hurricane Irene. Friday night before the hurricane was a very nice night. We stayed at one of the wineries and watched the sunset before the rain would start the next night.

Passport to Wineries

May 15, 2012

Last summer the Connecticut wineries had a contest to win a big trip to Spain and a few other smaller prizes. You had to go to a certain number of wineries throughout the summer and get your wine passport stamped. We decided to try it out because who wouldn’t want a free trip to Spain? And what better way could you think of to try and win it?

Here’s some photos from our first weekend trip last June.

A few more stops on the cruise ship

May 10, 2012

Next stop was in Antigua where duck enjoyed the view from our balcony.

And we went snorkeling with the sting rays.

Our final stop was in Bermuda and since we recently explored Bermuda on a scooter we decided to just hang out at the beach for awhile, after making sure to get our passports stamped :)

And the sunset from the balcony as we sailed home from Bermuda.


too many Red Stripes…

May 8, 2012

I know, I know. I’m way behind. We just got back from Jamaica.

I’m going to try and organize the last year of photos. That might take me another year but I’m trying.


Merry Christmas

December 25, 2011




First Stop – St. Thomas

June 1, 2011


This was the view from the balcony when we left Puerto Rico.

And this is the view when we woke up to in St. Thomas.

We did 2 dives while in St. Thomas and saw these guys.

Then stopped for some drinks on the way back to the boat.