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Passport to Wineries

May 15, 2012

Last summer the Connecticut wineries had a contest to win a big trip to Spain and a few other smaller prizes. You had to go to a certain number of wineries throughout the summer and get your wine passport stamped. We decided to try it out because who wouldn’t want a free trip to Spain? And what better way could you think of to try and win it?

Here’s some photos from our first weekend trip last June.


A Sideways Weekend

May 10, 2011

We found a good sale on a hotel in Mystic, Connecticut 2 weekends ago and even though we have been there a few times we still haven’t visited too many wineries so we went on a Sideways weekend. We stopped at 5 wineries over the 3 days and tasted many many yummy wines.

We stopped at these vineyards: Stonington Vineyards, Jonathan Edwards Winery, Maugle Sierra Vineyards, Heritage Trail Vineyards, Priam Vineyards

Incase you were wondering some of the Vineyards are open on Easter.